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310 Kifissias Ave. & 1 Palaiologou str.,

P.O.Box 152 32 Chalandri,Athens,Greece

Tel: +30-210-8066086, +30-210-6124158

Fax: +30-210-8064999,

E-mail: vertical@vertical.gr



16 Poseidonias str.,

P.O.Box 20 100 Korinthos, Greece

Tel: +30-27410-26993, +30-27410-71758

Fax: +30-27410-26999

E-mail: vertical@vertical.gr

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1. Opening

2. Sliding

3. Shutters

4. Folding Shutters

Maison De Luxe is supplied its aluminum systems for window frames from the standard manufacturing factory of VERTICAL company in Loutraki.  VERTICAL is covering 8000 m² and is equipped with modern machinery for cutting and mounting window frames.


Vertical’s high experience in the manufacturing of window frames is distinguished by the austere specifications of its products as well as its detailed technical points that offer to the company a leading position in the market.


Vertical’s window frames are divided to opening and sliding (with or without thermobreak). For more information you may visit the website www.vetical.gr